• Digital Terraces of History: New tools, Novel approaches, International Digital Conference (Hellenic National Research Foundation, Institute of Historical Research, Athens 14-16 October 2020): “History 2.0: The Gamification of the Past”.
  • 6th National Conference of Philosophy of Science (department of History and Philosophy of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 3-5 December 2020): “Philosophy of Algorithms” (with Iraklis Vogiatzis).
  • Lectures on Neohellenic Enlightenment (Hellenic Open University, Program of Hellenic Studies and Postgraduate Program of Science Communication, 1 February 2021): “Neohellenic Enlightenment: In search of European identity”.
  • Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference 2020+1 (University of Aberdeen, 24-27 May 2021): “From communication of historical knowledge to time travels” (with Elias Stouraitis and Petros Petridis).
  • GameSym – Gaming, Livestreaming, Esports & Youth Mental Health Symposium (Digital Symptoms Lab, University of Leicester, 2-3 June 2021): «Gaming the past».